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Pompeii Painter - Roman art - Pompeian painter with painted statue and framed painting Pompeii

Amor and Psyche. Ancient Roman fresco (45-79 d.C.) from Pompeii, Italy. Museo archeologico nazionale (Naples).

Inn of the Sulpicii. In 1959, during road construction in the Agro Murcine, workmen unearthed the remains of a villa about 600m south of Pompeii's Stabia Gate near the ancient mouth of the River Sarno. The triclinium features frescoes of the cycle of the muses. The central figure on the west wall is Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry (pictured above)

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Super Simple How to Paint Leaves

Decorative painting: Learn how to paint leaves in minutes. Complete tutorial with video so you can paint beautiful leaves!

Landscape with temple. Roman fresco from the temple of Isis in Pompeii.

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Painting #106

Gratitude Angels These are great for those small gifts. Keep a few on hand and give them all through the year. 2" X 16" Wood

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