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Cocaine, trampolining topless models and Martinis with Elton - Duran Duran, the wild boys of pop

Press Conference

Duran Duran from the press conference in Sing Blue Silver

Iconic image #4 - I remember seeing this photo in a Toronto Star ad promoting DD's "Sing Blue Silver" tour in 1984. Practically every girl in my grade was going to see the band except me (parents forbade me attending concerts). I stared at this photo for a long time to comfort me.

Welcome to the Duran Duran Timeline Picture Gallery Here is a small but unique selection of photographs of the band starting from the very early days

Umm, no. Nick looks like a  16th century priest and I'm not sure what Simon looks like. >>> Okay...I love these guys, but oh my word those are some outfits 0.0

EXCLUSIVE: John Taylor Speaks Of Bandmate Nick Rhodes' Illness

Simon looks like a white dude from Milli Vanilli with those leggings. And the Michael Hutchence hair was gross on him. And Nick? This may be the funniest picture of any Duran members I've ever seen.

seventhstranger: “ sexy ”

Duran Duran- loved them from the beginning but didn't get a chance to see them until later in their careers.the young girls behind us were so mad when they played the old stuff but we were in heaven :)