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Anime Steven universe

My kokoro is broken with these scenes. o<-< I needed to draw them, and maybe I will draw other scenes soon idk Rose, Amethyst and Pearl.

Anime Recommendations for Pretty Much Everyone, text, Anime characters, crossover; Anime

Anime recommendations ~Pretty good list if you're a beginner looking for something to suit your taste

One Punch Mon

One Punch Mon The joke is that under no circumstances could Hitmonchan beat any of these guys.

19 Days 1.5, 19 Days manga, Read 19 Days 1.5 chapter, 19 Days 1.5 Page 4

19 Days 19 Days manga, Read 19 Days chapter, 19 Days Page 4

dbz abridged memes - Google Search

One quote of dbz abridged episode so awesome. the part of the crab killed me too, altough I couldnt understand it well XD dragon ball z abridged m.

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Near, L, and Mello ~ Death Note

Goku logic

Chi chi: the only thing goku is afraid of

Lol chibi

Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist

Naruto, luffy, ichigo, natsu vs These guys

Left to right- Naruto(Naruto), Ichigo(Bleach), Luffy(One Piece), and Natsu(Fairy Tail)

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Death Note - L (Middle) Mello (Front Right) Matt (Back Right) Near (Left) Aw so cute!

Hey guys so I was thinking and I'm going to change my username. I don't want people following me just because my username is Natsu. I want them to follow me for who I am. I will not be using my real name tho because that can be dangerous. Thanks for being understanding :)

Death Note L, Mello, Near, Matt so cutes

DBZ & Norris | I can't even handle this right now!

Too much chuck!

DBZ chuck gave too much

Saiki x Gintoki Crossover (Gerbender)

Saiki x Gintoki Crossover (Gerbender)

I’m happy to see my friends… to see her for the last time.

Him by AyuMichi-me Tutorial: How to make me cry in 10 seconds