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Fun and Healthy Apple Bugs Snack Tutorial

How to make apple bugs - easy fun food tutorial from Eats Amazing UK - kids will love this fun and healthy food art snack idea

All About Me Edible Face - Healthy Lunch or Snack that kids can make themselves. Great creative and eat a well balanced meal at the same time.

Hairy hot dogs or scary spaghett

Hairy Hot Dogs or would that be Scary Spaghetti?! This super simple recipe is perfect for cooking with kids this Halloween.

Kerala Pathiri Recipe - Ari Pathiri Recipe - Soft Rice Bread from Kerala

I have been erratic updating this site – besides being so caught up with so many things on the domestic front, my motivation for cooking and baking suddenly left me – how did that happened ??? Could it be the kids school transition? I really don’t know, lately I just don’t feel motivated to cook …

Fluffy Chocolate Frosting - Recipe - No picture to go with it, but I made it (even without the vanilla because I was out) and it turned out really well!

One Crazy Week = Nutty Cookies - Everyday Paleo with bananas, coconut flour, almond butter, baking soda, walnuts, apple, coconut milk, cinnamon