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Chanyeol bumped Kyungsoo's arm while he drank so Kyungsoo spit the water at Chanyeol....

I totally respect that kyungsoo ^^ <<<< I am Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is me. We are one. And we are meant to be.

SATANSOO IS REAL!!! ~ Meme Center | allkpop lol i love d.o he so adouable but some times he can look really creepy

You're so squishy even as a killer

D.O has swag! The lost planet concert #kyungsoo #D.O #exo

Lay is probably the only one who can say this and not get killed lol..Although the look on D.O's face though....

Cute to monstrous in two seconds,........ haha chanyeols reaction, gosh this is too freaking cute! #Kyungsoo #Chanyeol

KYUNGSOO. I laughed way too hard. HAHA i love watching my idols sneeze ^.^.^.^