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Mr Murakami  Age 5 - 7 Painting  A delightful project that draws on the contemporary artist Takahashi Murakami to inspire painting skills theory, colour mixing, and lots of imaginative exercises. One for younger key stage 1 children, there are literacy links and lessons in colour theory, worksheets and art images for you to use in class. Download it here https://www.digitalsellz.com/p/MjA0Mg

Beautifully designed art, craft & design lesson plans & art resources for teaching art at all education stages.

Artist-research-template - printable A3 or A4 poster / handout for GCSE or Key Stage 3

Artist research template - handout/poster

Contemporary Drawing - 12 modern drawing exercises linked to artists work; Kusama, Banner, Opie, Gormley and more. Great fun and a new way of seeing and doing drawing. Download it here https://www.digitalsellz.com/p/MjAzMg

Beautifully designed art, craft & design lesson plans & art resources for teaching art at all education stages.

Contemporary Art Lesson Unit: Collage Profile Portraits including Marzano's Domains. This unit introduces your students to Contemporary Art and featured artist Daniel Gordon.

Elementary Art Lesson: Contemporary Art Collage Profile Portraits & Marzano DQ

This creative outside of the box thinking 5 - 6 week interactive art unit introduces students to the world of Contemporary Art. Throughout the unit.

Zilker Elementary Art Class -- weavings, radial sewing, wild things, picasso guitars, mexican bark paintings..

Third Grade artists have finished their fiber weavings! They will be on display for the School-wide Art Show starting on April Stu.

originally an idea for Klimt, but this would be a fun project after studying Egypt and their love of cats

Mixed media Klimt Cat: The Elementary Art Room!: November Paint cat with gold paint, cut & mount on black, cut paper & oil pastel Klimt-inspired patterns.

All of these lessons I switch around each year when I add a new one in. The popsicles were the new one this year. On black card stock we draw a popsicle. I use Crayola Chalk, most of the colors have a light and dark shade. They get to choose a set for the popsicle. … Continue reading 3rd Grade Popsicles- with Values

grade chalk pastel Popsicles with value, shading, shape, form, color.

teesha's circus: A tiny tiny taste of Journalfest

take a b/w photo, blows it up, cuts it into small squares and then has each student draw out their square on a post-it note. They have no idea what they are drawing. She then starts sticking them all up revealing what they collectively made.