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The Status Quo Can't Even Handle My Outfit Right Now

*panics*-----Doesn't Brendon Urie wear a top hat and some makeup in "I write sins not tragedies"?at the disco?

If only the guys I know were like this..

Haha hello kitty :P PROM IDEAS: the guys secretly decided on undercover superhero identities and wore the corresponding colors to match the shirts underneath and revealed them during this picture and it was perfect.

Tumblr: where the magic (and a lot of shit) happens - Imgur

Tumblr: where the magic (and a lot of shit) happens

Soulmates - someone write a book. Or make an anime. Or a manga. Or a web comic of this I need it.

Oh tumblr, is there anything you can't do? - Imgur

Oh tumblr, is there anything you can't do?

I'm dying! Must read if you need a good laugh<< Fear the Lisa Frank Berry Body Wash!

Give the kid a troll award.

You’re playing a dangerous game… Hahaha! I could only imagine if this happened at my high school :): School, Teacher, So Funny, Computer Lab, Kid<<< at my school the teachers would get SOOOOO mad

Transform and roll out lol ---follow lyssajay2----

Am I the only one that was fine in the block pit? Or am I a natural block pit person thing?<----These things hate me. <----- BLOCK PITS HATE ME and im glad i found out im supposed to roll not try and walk hehe oops.

A book with no words, only color...I have got to get one. This is one of the few books that just wouldn't work on an iPad or Kindle.

Tumblr & shipping

Lets make this submarine a ship!<<Is it sad that we're shipping a pen and a book?<<< if people can ship a skeleton and a goat and a notepad with a clock, I believe we can ship a pen and a book

Cute Disneyland story/funny story

I lost it at the later comment. I thought this was going to be a meaningful "faith in humanity restored post" and then just the end comment XD