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In case you missed it, the Department of Justice released a redacted transcript of a 911 call Omar Mateen made in the midst of his killing spree in Orlando where he killed 49 people and wounded 53.

The recent attack at at gay club in Orlando by a self-proclaimed ISIS advocate, killing at least 50 people and wounding at least 53 more, was not at all a surprise. What is frustrating, however, is that even though these attacks are highly predictable, very few Americans seem to be preparing in any meaningful way to counter them.

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chadsdaddy on

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, they tolerate you right up until they decapitate you, burn you alive, bomb your buildings, stone you to death, hijack your planes, blow themselves up in a crowd.......on & on & on.............

How can one take the Oath of Allegiance and also claim that 9/11 was good for people to have open conversations about our differences?

Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating the Department of Defense!

Bernie's supporters have come up with a very creative, although disgusting, way to protest Hillary Clinton's rhetorical flatulence.

This past week Iran announced that they had indeed executed nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri...

He didn't meet with the President once in four years of serving as Deputy Dir. of National Intelligence and as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.


TomCat aka Angry Tom on

If AMERICANS had a MORAL STRUCTURE there would be NO DEMOCRAT PARTY. Foreign countries give their people money and when they cut it off there are Riots.