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In case you missed it, the Department of Justice released a redacted transcript of a 911 call Omar Mateen made in the midst of his killing spree in Orlando where he killed 49 people and wounded 53.

Muslim Leader in America: “Islam is not here to Integrate. Islam is here to Dominate”! ⋆ The Constitution

Tyrone Woods was killed in the firefight that ensued in Benghazi, Libya during an Islamic jihadist attack on September 11, 2012. He was one of four Americans to die that fateful night while America's leaders, including Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and Hillary Clinton were nestled in their beds not caring what they were facing.

This past week President Obama decided to kill a program that allows the US government to track visitors from abroad who come from nations with active terrorist organizations.

This college professor is calling for a mass shooting at the NRA headquarters and ensuring there are no survivors. Yet the college still hasn't fired him!

The recent attack at at gay club in Orlando by a self-proclaimed ISIS advocate, killing at least 50 people and wounding at least 53 more, was not at all a surprise. What is frustrating, however, is that even though these attacks are highly predictable, very few Americans seem to be preparing in any meaningful way to counter them.

This Chicago-Sun Times reporter was looking to demonstrate the false claims that obtaining a gun is too easy. But things didn't go as he expected.

He didn't meet with the President once in four years of serving as Deputy Dir. of National Intelligence and as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.