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Gallery of rare African Masks - African Masques Chokwe Mask

African masks and African statues from the Tikar tribe of Cameroon. This Tikar Mask measures 17 inches tall.

African masks are arguably the most recognised artefacts or craft items from the African continent. They will feature in many museums, art galleries and also craft for sale. The masks hold a very special place in African cultures.

this huge mask grabbed my attention due to the very bright colors. to add this mask is a different shape to a humans face. creating a creepy feeling to the mask.

Gabon Mask - Aduma - Tribal Art - African Mask This Aduma mask is 17 long with traces of white pigment. There is also a native repair t.

vintagecongo: “Chokwe Mwana Pwo Masks: Chokwe people of Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia “Mwana pwo (young woman) masks, danced by Chokwe men at festivals primarily for entertainment, are said to bestow increased fertility on the.

Otil Mask in Okanku masquerade, Cross River Ibgo Ohaffia tribe, Nigeria 1931 (photo by Dr.