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This is a garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The photo caption: Roads Water-Smart Garden. This drought-tolerant garden combines native plants with many others suited to Denver's climate.

Echinacea, 'Raspberry Truffle'. 4–5" flowerheads. Lush 30" plants produce a flurry of firm blooms—landing pads for friendly birds and insects passing by. Zone: 3-8 Sun: Full Sun, Part Sun Height: 30 inches Spread: 30-36 inches Uses: Borders, Container, Cut Flowers Bloom Season: Summer

Garden Plans for Birds & Butterflies

A Late-Summer Wildlife Retreat. Birds and other friendly creatures will find this late-season garden irresistible. The birdbath offers water, while plants such as black-eyed Susan and sedum provide food for both birds and butterflies when many plants are slowing down. Garden size: 16 by 10 feet.

Garden Plans for Birds & Butterflies

Don't Forget About Hummingbirds These beautiful nectar-rich plants will bring a multitude of hummingbirds, butterflies, and honeybees to your yard.

Hummingbirds Love Firebush

Hummingbirds Love Firebush - If you want to attract hummers by the droves, this easy-growing plant will do the trick.

Thuja Pancake (American Arborvitae)

Thuja Pancake/ sold others of this family they are larger and different colors but all are soft and a great addition to a well rounded landscape.

Blazing Star Gayfeather, Perennial Flower Seeds, Garden, Butterfly Magnet, 25 Seeds

Our Favorite Small Trees

Hawthorn Hawthorn announces early summer with its sprays of white flowers. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies love the blooms. Then in late summer and fall, it attracts birds with its small red fruits. The orange-red autumn color adds another layer of appeal. Name: Crataegus crus-galli Size: To 25 feet tall and 30 feet wide Zones: 4-7

I love my witch hazel bush in my Missouri garden. It's beautiful throughout the year. The leaves have a pretty shape. It blooms with tiny flowers even before the spring. And the yellow foliage in the fall is really gorgeous. Zone 5 should be fine for this one. Give this guy plenty of room. Mine is about 10 feet tall after 10 years. They can grow to 30 feet high, says the website--and 15 feet wide. Mine is in part shade, and it thrives there.

"Not only do rocks in the landscape provide a beneficial micro-climate for good garden bugs and your plants, from a design perspective they offer transition between the architecture of your home and garden." From Rob Moore at the Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens blog.