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7 rules of life

rule - Best quotes about rule. Saying Images shares with you the most inspirational rule quotes

C.S. Lewis quote

You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage, but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.

inspirational quotes on life

(only potterheads will understand) so when george lost an ear, he had half a heart left. When Fred died, that half a heart was taken away as well. (JK JK JK) But still.

Constant Victory Is Not Calling On Him In Your Despair or Anger But In Your Everyday Life..Call On Him..Fellowship With Him! Goals!

I see this so much now a days and it is a struggle we have to fight in ourselves. Don't seek God when you want something or when things are tough and you long for deliverance. Seek God at all times.

To my grown up son

To my grown up son

Perfect! :)

How To Be Attractive In 9 Easy Steps

How to be attractive in 9 easy steps. I would not call this "ways to be attractive" . Rather like "being a better person" thing. 😊😍😉 A respectable or we'll brought up kind of person, which I 💟💟.

I've  learned to be VERY careful how I ask for guidance...all so true!!!

God will definitely answer prayers for strength, wisdom, patience, and the rest. These answers make life much more difficult, but the presence of God that accompanies the answers vastly exceeds the difficulties.

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I don& really want to jump on the Steve Jobs bandwagon, but this hits home. I have always & things happen to me, and it seems that my intuition does usually know better than my mind does ;

May God...

May He fill you with such joy that you suddenly realize just how rich you really are. My prayer for all of you.