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from History Tech

The Library of Congress, Places in the News, and Common Core standards alignment

History Tech provides a common core searchable lesson plan database. All materials are provided. Huge resource for primary resources.

from Kingston Publishing: inspiring future publishers

Running a publishing event – tips from Elin Butler

from Broadly

Looking Back on Our Collective Obsession with the Baby-Sitters Club

In honor of the series' anniversary, Scholastics editorial director David Levithan discusses his experience editing the Baby-Sitters Club, the books' influence on pop culture, and the weirdest BSC memorabilia he owns.


8 more small things you do that people use to judge your personality

In July, we published a list of seemingly trivial behaviors that people use to make judgments...

Top 10 Careers for Sagittarius Making the most of your Sun Sign traits for work and financial success. Sagittarius is well-suited to any career in which communication skills, knowledge, and inspiration are important. This is an employee who will be versatile, adventurous, and knowledgeable. They tend to be easygoing and good-natured and able to adapt easily to change. The Archer enjoys a workplace that is lively and stimulating. They are not temperamentally suited to a job that is boring…

Recently we published an article titled Conversion is Key for This Open House Expert, which detailed a story from San Francisco-based agent Nicole Nicolay. Nicole uses open houses as an opportunity to convert market watchers, tire kickers, and fence sitters into clients. In that article, she shared her proven technique for collecting contact information at open houses. In response, we had a number of agents ask for a follow up post showing how they could create a similar system. Here’s how…


It's not OK when you're consistently late.

Pin for Later: 16 Things Your Sitter Wants to Tell You — but Won't It's not OK when you're consistently late.