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When Steves sheild fell on the road and he didn't get it back right away I was like NOOOO STEVE YOUR SHEILD!

This is so accurate I LOVE IT. And yet I feel like I could be a mix of Steve and Bucky

Marvel: Captain America: Vintage Army Satchel Messenger Bag £44.99

gif and civil war image


Meme Watch: These ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Memes Explain Why They Fight

Superhero registration act: In which heroes must register their name, location, alias and favourite disney princess.

one more hero on Team Iron Man

funny bucky barnes and steve rogers running tumblr - Google Search

There’s a house in Vermont that’s been passed down through Bucky’s family for generations. Since he never had children and it’s so far back from civilization, the bank never bothered to remove his...

Steve being respectful, and then there's Sam... Civil War