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Girl, 4, shares heroin 'candy' at day care center

Girl, 4, shares heroin 'candy' at day care center. A woman was arrested after her 4-year-old took 249 bags of heroin to a day care center in Selbyville

NOT A WORD IN NEWS - ERIC HOLDER'S WIFE PART OWNER OF AN ABORTION CLINIC but the liberals feed low info voters lies about TEXAS' death penalty -- clueless -- the scum that comes across a porous unsafe border fills death row -- this guy BRUTALLY murdered a teenage girl while HYPOCRITS IN U.N. & Obama sticking their nose where it doesn't belong ---- Obama v. Texas Showdown -- THE LIBERALS ARE TRYING TO GET RID OF DEATH PENALTY IN TEXAS!

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Taylor Swift: I Don't Know If I'll Have Kids

Taylor Swift Stuns in InStyle, Says I Don't Know If I'll Have Kids?See the Pics! | E! Online Mobile

NEW JERSEY, Sussex Elks offerS special needs program. G.R.E.A.T Place series of programs for families of children with special needs. FREE event. (Halloween activities) Oct. 21, Elks Lodge 2-4pm