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lol xD   being a grammar freak though, Doug did not have PERFECT english... ;P

Funny pictures about Pixar's logic. Oh, and cool pics about Pixar's logic. Also, Pixar's logic photos.

'Scuse you, the correct line is "Who knew we owned eight thousand salad plates?!" But this is still funny and pretty accurate

Anna's For The First Time In Forever. Who knew we owned a thousand salad plates. Unload the dishwasher lol!

Disney Princesses are not just swirling around in gowns they can kick ass too!

Who Was First?

And Belle saved The Beast too!<<< can we all just get over ourselves and agree that this is just how Disney works?

This shall be my future child.:

Little girl is living the dream.

This little girl's mother takes her to Disneyland every week, to help her conquer her shyness. MADE OF ADORABLE. Also, Peter Pan, Ladies & Gentlemen. This little girl is living the dream

Really Wonderful Disney Princess Cosplay

The Very Wonderful Cosplay Photos

Disney’s unhappily ever after… shocking, but that's how it would be today!!

Disney’s unhappily ever after… shocking, but that's how it would be today! Me: *dies of ruined childhood*

I know right!!

While I love the "sisters before misters" theme, Frozen is CERTAINLY not the first Disney film with women who can hold their own. <--- did anyone see lilo and stitch I mean honestly that was a show were the girl denied the guy to help her sister!