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Here is another example of a battle arena I like this image as its almost isolated as if the area is more special and has more wealth than others which I like as there is a beam of light which shines down on the pit where everyone else is isolated out by the darkness.

"I remember some of the halls I used to walk as a child. When the guards would escort me out of my cell they'd walk me down this very hall. If I turned right I knew I'd be fighting, but if I went left i'd be seeing the doctors. Sometimes I would hope I turned right because i'd rather fight than see the doctors because all the doctors did was shoot me with needles, and hurt me. I could never fight them because I was told not to, but in the arena it was different. I could fight. I could…

Inside the Colosseum, Rome,Italy. Now that you've seen the amazing view of the Colosseum from Tram Tracks' tour make sure to visit the inside and take a tour!