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✠ Georg Karck (11 June 1911 — 3 July 1944) Killed in a road traffic accident in Normandy, France.

Joseph Reid Anderson (February 16, 1813 – September 7, 1892) was an American civil engineer, industrialist, and soldier. During the American Civil War he served as a Confederate general, and his Tredegar Iron Company was a major source of munitions and ordnance for the Confederate States Army.

Martin Van Buren Bates, a quiet schoolteacher, found that his enormous size (7′9″) served him better on the battlefields of the Civil War. The “Kentucky Giant” rose quickly from private to captain in the Fifth Kentucky Infantry; Union soldiers told of a “Confederate giant who’s as big as five men and fights like 50.” After the war, Bates was touring Canada with a circus when he met Anna Haining Swan, another enormously tall person (7′5″), and they married in London, where Queen Victoria…

James P. Parker CSA James P. Parker CSA -George Armstrong Custer's roommate at West Point 2nd Lieutenant "C" Co. MS 4th Cavalry Lt. Colonel Field & Staff MS 1st Light Artillery

✠ Eberhard Heder (30 June 1918 -) RK 18.11.1944 SS-Hauptsturmführer Führer SS.Pz.Pi.Btl 5 “Wiking”