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Embroidered Wedding Handkerchiefs for Mother of the Bride and Father of the Bride

Narrative Dress -tells the story of my Mother and Fathers relationship. -a comically dysfunctional but undeniably charming romance. -potential for an embroidered Alice Book. -Embroidery, Aplique, and Image transfer.

Narrative Dress by textile artist Harriet Popham

This is Harriet Popham's narrative dress celebrating the relationship between her mother and father in letters and photographs, transfered, embroidered and embelished simply stunning work.

Linen or cotton embroidered with flowers © Coram This is part of the exhibition Threads of Feeling ( which is a collection of 18th Century Textile Tokens left with Abandoned Babies at the London Foundling Hospital.

Koi Fish Tattoo (No Waves) ....could get one in black and one in red...these colors symbolize a father(black) and a mother(red)...couples tattoo?