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Judge Rinder is a British reality court show that has aired daily on ITV since 11 August 2014. It stars criminal barrister Robert Rinder as the judge, who oversees cases about disputes on a variety of different factors, mostly money-related, in his small claims courtroom. The show is similar in style to that of the American TV show Judge Judy. When filmed each case takes around 1 hour to film and is subsequently edited down to fit multiple cases into the given time slot.

Judge Rinder on ITV 2pm Daily.

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Judge Rinder was best man at Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding

He’s actually a barrister (rather than an actual judge) called Robert Rinder, who’s had his own daytime show on ITV since August 2014. Read more:

Created by Sandi Spreckman, Kaye Switzer. With Judy Sheindlin, Petri Hawkins-Byrd, Jerry Bishop, Kevin Marshall Brady. Judge Judy Sheindlin, a former judge from New York, tackles real-life small claims cases with her no nonsense attitude in which damages of no more than $5,000 can be awarded. Also by her side is bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd who keeps order in the court. Then after a case is closed, the defendant and plaintiff briefly confront each other outside the courtroom.

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Judge Rinder on ITV does not like Porky Pies

Judge Ringer and Judge Judy ~~ Robert Rinder will preside over all sorts of legal grievances on new ITV daytime show Judge Rinder, which shares its format from Judge Judy. However, sharp-tongued Robert believes he is a much better Judge than the US court matriarch. He said “One of the things about Judge Judy, although she is brilliant, is that she comes on with a preconceived idea of how she’s going to rule,”