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""Ending your life doesn't stop the pain, it just passes it on to someone else" - a quote that's kept me alive "

Letters from the Blitz: Memoirs of the Second World War

Wartime Bride Sets Out For Church - Miss Ena Squire-Brown, an international dancer famed for her Dove Dance, leaves her recently bombed home for St. George's Church in Forest Hill, to marry Royal Air Force flying officer J.C. Martin. London,

I knew my little brother suffered from depression for years but I never thought it would take him to such depths that he would actually take his own life. I should have heard it in his voice I should have seen it in his eyes and I should have seen it in his poetry that he wrote to me. I will miss his smile and his cute button nose for the rest of my life #TheSunShinesBrighterBecauseHeWasHere ❤

I've known a girl since second grande and she isn't 1/3 as close to knowing me as well as you do. You've always been there for me. I can trust you with my secrets. I can cuddle you when we need cuddles. And I've only known you two years. Time really doesn't matter.

10 Commonly Misunderstood Words in English Infographic

10 Vocaboli che spesso vengono usati a sproposito - 10 common misunderstood words in the I would add "fetish". Many think it means an sexual interest or preference, but it means, an object or body part psychologically necessary for sexual gratification

Never forget that walking away from something unhealthy is brave - Even if you stumble a little on your way out the door.

Unfortunately, I have found people around me who are manipulated by others are like their manipulators little lapdogs...people need to really start learning how to think for themselves...

we were little girls with messy hair who wanted to shoot lasers at the people who hurt us. we made our barbies fly, made them spies, made them as strong as we wanted to be. they could stand up to the bullies. when we were older, we would ask, “where are the female superheroes?” “it’s just a movie,” we were assured, “and what’s wrong with being the girl next door?”..