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!!!! The Anime Guy that has the caption BRING!!!! WHAT ANIME!!!! Always wanted to find out!!!

Code Geass funny XD I can't get over this!!!!

Artwork for Code Geass: Lelouch Rebellion no vi la serie ni se quienes son, pero me gustaron las alas

"The only people who should kill are those prepared to die themselves" - Lelouch, (Code Geass)

Code Geass - Zero's Reflection. the difference between what people expect you to be and what you can be

Code Geass | Akito the Exiled

Code Geass | Akito the Exiled

Funny Anime Motivational Posters | demotivational poster demotivational posters funny anime ...Lol ah poor Lulu and Suzu...

Lelouch - Code Geass LOVED when I realized what Lelouch was doing. I admire this character because of what he did in order to fulfill his wish for his sister.