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Chakram...con estas aparece Ybagiz para conocer el regio que al parecer esta armando uno de sus ex guerreros satiros.un tal Syrup...

No 19 Sqn, early 1939 - the first unit to receive Spitfires. The aircraft are still using two bladed fixed pitch airscrews: few of these remained by the outbreak of war in September.

The Hand of Taurna. A divine blade passed from one Arch-Paladin to the next for several hundred years. Never actually used in combat, the true abilities of it's gleaming edge remain unknown amidst hundreds of legends.

Hair color and style, and facial features. Full metal armor won't be used, however limited metal elements can.

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What about this?

These look AMAZING! When you go into battle you want boss weapons like these

One Of The Most Stunning Samurai Tanto One May Ever See NOW SOLD This tanto [samurai dagger] is so spectacular it is simply breathtaking. The entire koshirae are based on a crayfish theme, of sublime quality, and the blade has the most rare and spectacular sukashi-horimono of a kurikara [dragon with ken and vajra], in most intricate detail. We estimate it is likely Shinto period, and without doubt an item of the highest esteem and beauty

The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts :: View topic - What can a crossguard tell you about a sword's use? Not Taijiquan specifically but informative.

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