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GREAT photo of natures furry, might  majesty!!!
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Outstanding Photographs of Storms | Gallery Heart454 x 640 | 57.4 KB | galleryheart.com
The ground shook as heaven touched earth... The product was Gods greatest creation, the horse
Storms, Supercells, Clouds, Lightning, Tornadoes, Rainbows, Water Spouts, Sprites, Auroras. The Mysteries & Majesties In The Sky. By Nancy Sproull.
Pele: Goddess of Hawaiis Volcanoes (Folktales):  Myths, legends, romances and folktales of the most fascinating goddess of old Hawaii. Pele lives in Hawaiian hearts and minds as the personification of volcanic majesty and power. Having the power to create new land, she has a volcanic personality - an impetuous, lusty nature, jealous, unpredictable, capable of sudden fury and great violence. Yet she can also be gentle, loving and as serene as her forests of ferns and flowering trees.
Smoke rises from Mount Etna as it spews lava on the southern Italian island of Sicily March 18, 2012.
Forces of Nature