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their haircuts on each other Supernatural Boys Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki and Micha Collins

I found this quite amusing! Then again, I find anything Supernatural related quite amusing...

their haircuts on each other LOL people have way too much time. <-----love how Misha looks hot no matter what and I think Sam looks pretty hot with Deans hair!

If only Sam at least trimmed his hair

This is so true! Jensen hasn't changed a bit! I want Jared to cut his hair, it's longer than mine!<--- I love how when you see a supernatural pic/gif you can totally tell what season its from biased on Sam's hair

Oh.... Wow, this is actually one of the saddest things about Castiel that I've seen. And it's so subtle.<<

"A sadness so complete, I mistook it for calm." I don't know where the quote is from but this is friggin' beautiful and really sums up Dean's sometimes misunderstanding Cas. I'll be here, sweeping up bits of my heart.