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Be aware of your thoughts, because as you feel you attract into your life. Surround yourself with things that have a positive influence in your life and be amazed at what you are attracting to you.

Law of Attraction - hold a thought for 17 secs, 68 seconds...

Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and the Law of Attraction kicks in. Hold a thought for 68 seconds and things move; manifestation has begun ~ Abraham Hicks

Buffalo saying

Very true. And it is those who are truly tuned into and deeply aware of the world around them who can quickly pick up on another person's energy, while some people seemingly walk through life completely oblivious.

The following is a list of 100 quotes from 'The Secret'. Read these quotes often and let the manifestation begin! 1. We all work with one infinite power 2. The Secret is the Law of Attraction (LOA)...

100 quotes from 'The Secret'. Read these quotes often and let the manifestation begin! We all work with one infinite power The Secret is the Law of Attraction (LOA).


THE LAW OF ATTRACTION - Close your eyes and visualize having what you already want - and the feeling of having it already. Focus on being grateful for what you have already. Enjoy it! Then release into the universe. The universe will manifest it.

Everything is Energy

Watch your thoughts. Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.


The ego is impatient because it's time is limited . the spirit is patient because it knows it is eternal . I love this even more because patience is something that seemed to elude me for so long.

Allow nature to teach you stillness.

Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in just being. Allow nature to teach you stillness. When you look at a tree and perceive its stillness, you become still yourself.

Manifesting Our Desires: The Ancient Art of Witchcraft – Fractal Enlightenment

It's true

Top 10 quotes from Meditation Master Shakyamuni Buddha to inspire meditation,wisdom, peace and love.


Relief Society Gratitude Lesson - I actually learned a little bit about this stuff in my psychology class! It will definitely help on days that just aren't quite going your way!

Everything we put out into the world with our thoughts, actions, words, and overall energy, vibrates back to us. Live with positive purpose and that same energy will be attracted back to us.

Quantum Physics meet spirituality - vibrate at the highest frequency possible

“How will you transmute the negative and dark experiences you have had? We all have an opportunity to be a warrior of light.  It is programmed in our dna.…”

"The greatest souls are awakened out of suffering. The most impressive personalities endure many scars.