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100: Take note of how a persons fingers and hands curl as they walk. People that…

Love yourself and bring down empires with your power 👏🏽💪🏽

People believe that gay marriage and homosexual relationships are against nature. People will have delusions that their private businesses will be harmed due to simply the marriage of two same sexes.

from eBaum's World

Funny Pics That Will Surely Crack You Up

Funny Pics That Will Surely Crack You Up More

This is Pando, but it isn’t a forest– it’s all one tree. Each trunk of the Quaking Aspen is genetically identical and connected by a single root system that’s at least 80,000 years old, which means it’s one of the biggest and oldest living things on...

this gives me motivation and i just wanted to share for anyone who needs to hear it


I didn't even consider that...

Harry Potter Mystery Has Finally Been Solved... Lol no, he just wanted to look more like a "Slytherin" snake ;;))

When people hurt you over and over, think of them as sandpaper. They scratch and hurt you. But later you'll be shining and polished, while they end up useless.

Generally yea I got bigger and better things to be doing so yea bitter away