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Ladies: 7 Mind-blowing Things to Do to Him On Valentine’s Day

Ladies: 6 Things to Do Immediately Following a Break-Up

Ok so from this list made me recall a few things. 1st my best painting to date was a 12x14 oil I did after a pretty bad break up. Best work ever came from a lot of sadness!!!! 2nd just ask @Mindy Burton Burton Burton Burton Burton Burton Burton brooks cake fixes everything for me.... Three best things in life sleep,cake, and well you'll have to guess the third;)

Ladies, Here’s Why Asking “Where Do We Stand?” Is Problematic

10 things you learn about a guy when you start dating! See the full list here

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9 Tips That Will Save You Hundreds on Hair Care

Save money on hair care. Tips 5 & 7 are really helpful.

Things to Look For And Expect When Going On a Blind Date

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7 Signs You're Being Used

7 Signs You’re Being Used by a friend and it's time to dump the friendship. Good advice for those of us who tend to be too giving and forgiving!!

7 ways to look gorgeous without makeup! Even though I do look pretty hot wakin up in the mornin lookin like pdiddy

Ladies: If You’re a Casual Dater, Be Upfront About It