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Heirloom tomato and arugula sandwich...must pack these for the next cabin picnic or sister's soiree!

Thai soup with shrimp. Salmon with rice noodles & sesame seeds. All of this is a YUM.

Red Star to Lone Star: Bliny: Russian crepe-style pancakes

Body-positive fashion lover and intersectional feminist. Natashia, but please call me Tash. 26 years old and based in Gloucester, England (though I'm originally from Aberystwyth, Wales) I live with my boyfriend Mickey and my cat Freya.

While the others made a drowsy attempt at conversation, Nicole absentmindedly pushed a few dry pieces of alphabet pasta around, spelling out random sentences (most of which were nonsensical).

I believe dogs are better than people. I believe that laughing cures almost anything. I believe in red lipstick. I believe that how a person handles tangled Christmas lights says a lot about their character. And I believe in miracles, always.