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pre-school class...difference between soft & hard ....could do this with any two type of comparisons as a table activity

two more sheets to go with previous ones for this topic. Cut and stick sheet with pictures of physical and human features for children to sort plus drawing...

19 Tumblr Posts About "Harry Potter" That Will Make Your Day

ok i have started shipping way too many people. in class we were watching this historical movie and halfway through when the two main male characters were staring into eachothers eyes i just said to myself "i ship it". now everyone thinks im really weird. BUT SURELY I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE WITH GAY SHIPS IN MY SCHOOL RIGHT? THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE SHIPPING GAY PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET FOR ME TO BE THE ONLY ONE IN MY SCHOOL OR CLASS....

Excel: Pivot Tables

Among the many data analyzing features to be found in Microsoft’s Excel software, PivotTables and PivotCharts are two of the most useful. Find out how they can work for you with our jam-packed 6 page guide, which features step-by-step instructions and full-color screen shots for easy reference.


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Fighting Evil & Winning Love ♥ patches from SUGARBONES

You+messed+with+the+wrong+kitties. ♥+Set+comes+with+two,+3x3inch+patches+featuring+two+ferocious+felines! ♥+Iron+on+-+Super+easy+to+apply,+but+some+sewing+is+recommended+if+you'll+be+washing+the+item+a+lot.+ ♥+Made+for+any+type+of+apparel-+jackets,+vests,+even+t-shirts,+the+customization+is+...