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If i won the lottery i would save a lot of it but one thing i would buy is a horse. I love horses and owning a horse would be a dream come true.

Gray Purple Rose Flowers Photography Lake by LittlePiePhotoArt, $18.99

Gray Purple Rose Flowers Photography Lake Clouds Landscape Wall Art Home Decor Matted Picture

Mocker Butterfly

The Flying Handkerchief, Mocker Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio dardanus) male If you actually think about the characteristics of a moth or butterfly. They're pretty crazy creatures

Superbe... ...

Zavier and Jewels sat quietly as the Hummer cruised slowly through the late night traffic. Jewels glanced to his father, "He'll never allow anything to happen to you. You do realize that?" Jewels said flatly. And I will never allow anythi


dragonfly as I remember them in N-W Quebec. They were either bright red or yellow. And I have never seen a picture of them mating in flight.