You know your a cheerleader when

sprained wrist, swollen foot great, whacked by a umbrella, super bruised on the face,

I'm saying this to the next guy that says cheerleader not a sport... :)

Ok, so it's not a lax quote but it's stuck in my head so I'm pinning it. And I'm not just a weirdo posting a cheer quote. I actually tumble.

UHM try being the flyer. the worst thing is when the bases tell you to do something but they aren't even the flyer? shut up..<<<<< so true..

So true most of the flyer in my squad don't squeeze. I'm liken the only one who squeeze. But yet I'm not the main flyer.

why not ?

Cheer leading is one of the toughest sports out there! Be PROUD and CHEER ON!

So damn true!! Everyone in cokeville, believe this. Read it Nd know that we don't just go to the games to look pretty and show off our good looks. This is a sport that we take serious. We sweat like mother and we have conditioning that could kill anyone that just came into practice with us for a day. We are hard core athletes and we plan to go to state and place! We are a force and we are there to cheer on our counterparts

This is so true. I hate when people say that Cheerleading is not a sport. It just proves how unintelligent they are. They have no clue what goes into cheer, the conditioning, the hours and hours of training. It's a sport.

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We don't have any room for mistakes! Ya who says cheer isn't a sport comment down below of u say cheer is or isn't a sport let me see your sanding double

I'm not kidding when I say this, I seriously cry when my flyer hits the ground, it is the worst feeling ever to see her fall, I would break an arm if it meant she didn't have to fall to the ground.

I have gotten hit in the nose many times but not once have I let my flyer hit the ground hard