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Maylea, I want you to hear this clearly, I love you with all of my heart and always will. I LOVE YOU, I want you to be happy and I know you don't want happy with us anymore so its time to stop, we can't force a relationship if only one of us wants it baby. Go now and find the happiness you deserve wherever that is, you know it isn't with me.

Yeah. And guess what? I'm tired of not being good enough for you. When you realize what you missed out on, it will be too late. And for everyone who thinks this is some sad fling at a guy- you're wrong.

from 22 Words

A lawyer and defendant play truth-or-dare during a trial

Fighting for your attention is leaving ME all bruised up. Tho you'll never see the bruises but whats the difference your a ghost Im fighting for anyway...TRML

"When it comes to breastfeeding, we can't handle the truth". An article that needs to be read by everyone in America that addresses our fucked up culture that shames and tricks new mothers.