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Relatable? Does this ever happen to you?? lol Dresses

*small voice and raise hand* I've never watched Game of Thrones... and my answer would have to be A

when I would play it with my friends we would dare each other to like go outside and yell something because we're lame XD

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26 Times Disney Fans Were The Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

pinterest: @jaidyngrace 26 Times Disney Fans Were The Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

in the back of my mind it's ''don't act like a nerd, don't act like a nerd'' then I say ''and I couldn't get my ninja's alignment to drop enough so I had to make him a samurai and now he sucks''

Cool... the onlu problem is that my dad has a £300 guitar on his wishlist... I feel sorry for the person who picks it randomly

All of my favorite characters get killed in the shows so there would be a lot of corpses at the party. Plus, Sherlock would deduce everyone's sad back stories and in the end there would be a new generation of the Hinger Games.

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Photographer Explores Her Own Anxiety Disorder Through Haunting Self-Portraits

When it was time for photography student Katie Joy Crawford to pick a concept for her senior thesis exhibition, she chose to portray her inner struggles through a series of powerful self-portraits. My Anxious Heart is an important project that explores General Anxiety Disorder. "They keep telling me to breathe. I can feel my chest moving up and down. Up and down. Up and down. But why does it feel like I’m suffocating? I hold my hand under my nose, making sure there is air."

Debbie Harry was the hottest/most punk rock of them all.

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43 Things Kids Born After 1999 Will Never Understand

Cereals with toys in it. That's how I would pick out my cereal at the grocery store!