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hooke park refectory

hooke park refectory

courtyard housing; Echo Park’s Big Mama Court — The Eastsider LA

Neighborhood Fixture: Echo Park’s Big Mama Court

Love this! this is soo cool. It would be a great entrance into a big garden area- or into paths in the woods...

Antique Furniture For Outdoor Or Indoor Made Of Twigs By Laura Spector - Furniture Design

Paper Moth Swarm Installation » Funny, Bizarre, Amazing Pictures & Videos

Black Cloud: Carlos Amorales Adorns Gallery Walls with Thousands of Black Paper Moths paper multiples installation butterflies Saved on August 2012 am


Adriana Gutierrez and her son Carlos Adrian watch TV as they sit on their bed in their floor apartment inside the 'Tower of David' skyscraper in Caracas February REUTERS-Jorge Silva

Photographer Antoine Bruy's Scrublands spent four years backpacking through Europe and documenting the lives of people who have abandoned civilization to live lives of self-sufficiency away from society

Antoine Bruy Documents Lives of Europe's Abandoned People

Photographer Antoine Bruy’s ongoing series, “Scrublands,” is part travelogue, part documentary and part myth. It started in when Bruy found work .

San Jose To Address The Homeless Problem #Sanjose #California #news

Silicon Valley’s Homeless People Find Shelter in the Jungle pics)

Vertigo-Inducing Room Illusions by Peter Kogler

Vertigo-Inducing Room Illusions by Peter Kogler. This concept could also make for an interesting maze for Halloween.