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It started with politicians dividing the people with us versus them. It started with intolerance and hate speech and when people stopped caring they became desensitized mindlessly obedient and turned a blind eye. It also started with GUN CONTROL.

Editors Note: Clinton’s are above the law so far. The US. attorney from N.Y. may change this finally. Lie after lie to the FBI, Congress, and the American people go without any consequence. T…

Larry Smith These are two shocking undercover videos of deep rooted, intricately planned voter corruption endorsed at the highest level. These videos will without a doubt bring down the DNC but you…

The latest Tweets from John King (@PrdBlckRpblican). Proud Black Tea Party Patriot. Single, Living the Dream, Somewhere on a beach! Stand With Israel, SW Florida/Nationwide

Here is a man of substance who knows real courage! He knows what he's going up against and, yet, prevails! May he and his family be protected from all harm from doing the right thing!

Vote Donald Trump..The Only Choice.....Dive In And Quickly Discover…Safe, Private, Life-Affirming, Sheet-Grabbing, Scream-Out-Loud, Scrape-Me-Off-The Ceiling Orgasms Pleasure. Order Now!

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Let's get rid of the political corruption in Washington, Trump is not a puppet for anyone-hillary being funded by the bilderberg group and muslim brotherhood, bernie is funded by the corrupt billionaire Koch....."GO TRUMP."...I'M WITH YOU ALL THE WAY.

The latest Tweets from Bill Cardell (@FWSBill). CDN/ALTA born. Widower of an English born Angel. Both University Graduates, Legal Immigrants, Proud Citizens of Texas & the USA! Four productive Texan sons. Plano Texas