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"Remember, it didn't start with the gas chambers. It started with intolerance & hate speech and when people stopped caring, because desensitized mindlessly obedient and turned a blind eye.

Exactly. Grow the fuck up and do your job without throwing a hissy fit over people whose lifestyles you don't agree with.

"I'm a nurse, obligated to provide top-notch care and comfort--even to individuals with freaking swastikas tattooed on their flesh. If I can take care of Nazi sympathizers, they can serve pizza to gay people.

Scary that he has such a following

Um ya this is kinda scary I mean Adolf started the holocaust so why can't Donald Trump start another one?

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LOLOL i freaking died! People need to calm down. Heaven forbid they are taught by trained professionals in a training area the PROPER way to handle a rifle.

Hypocrisy at it's finest! Nevermind that Jackie is wearing an identical dress to Michelle...how dare Michelle show off her toned arms? GTF outta here...

The right wing goes crazy when our First Lady has bare arms, like in this picture! How on earth will they tolerate the nude shots of Trumps wife? Trumps wife was also in porn videos