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wait, am i supposed to have a title?

I gave my cousin a concussion by trying to hit a lacrosse ball with the stick like a baseball bat but somehow it flew out of my hands and hit him in the face. Best vacation ever.

Chicken has had Enough! | LOLBRARY.COM

Funny pictures about Being a chicken sucks. Oh, and cool pics about Being a chicken sucks. Also, Being a chicken sucks.

My Collection of Favorite Tumblr Posts - Album on Imgur

My Collection of Favorite Tumblr Posts

Dolls have given us an unrealistic image of women. Especially Russian dolls.

What if when you killed someone, you gained their best trait?

ekin on

What if you killed someone and what they thought was their best trait was way worse then what you already had. Like they thought their best trait was their speed but you were a lot faster then them till you killed them.

A pleasant surprise...

A pleasant surprise…

Funny pictures about A pleasant surprise. Oh, and cool pics about A pleasant surprise. Also, A pleasant surprise.

I don't know but just find this so cute

The Norwegian exchange student at my school had the same reaction<---- I'm just imagining a person with a really adorable look on their face whispering pom-pom to themselves fascinatedly