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Is he wearing socks? From the Life Magazine Archive: "Baseball player Satchel Paige, looking dapper, lighting his cigarette while sitting on front bumper of large car outside poolroom in Harlem." New York City,

Satchel Paige in Harlem, 1941, By George Strock, "You win a few, you lose a few. Some get rained out. But you got to dress for all of them." (SP) This man was one of the greatest pitchers ever. (me)

Three American soldiers lie half-buried in the sand at Buna Beach on New Guinea. This photo was taken in February 1943, but not published until September, when it became the first image of dead American troops to appear in LIFE during World War II. George Strock's photo was finally OK'd by government censors, in part because FDR feared the public was growing complacent about the war's horrific toll.

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George Strock - Description New draftee standing in his long underwear in barracks at US Army post - 1940

Couples kissing in front of City Hall after exchanging wedding vows. Photograph by George Strock. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 1940.

On this day in 1942, Congress approves a bill to lower the draft age to 18 and raising the upper age limit to 37. In 1940, America launched its first peacetime draft in the history of the country. This highly charged George Strock photograph of inductees at Fort Dix, New Jersey — including the central figure still donning his own hat, a last vestige of civilian individuality amid the impersonal-cattle-call atmosphere of innoculations, pokings, proddings, and exams — speaks to a count

A young African-American woman playing the piano for a captive audience. Photograph by George Strock. Missouri, USA, 1940.