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Soldiers of the 5th Sasebo Special Naval Landing Force during the Invasion of Buna–Gona or Operation RI. New Guinea July 1942. - Pin it by Gustavo Bueso-Jacquier

Heavy Crusier Chokai sailors with a pet monkey, New Guinea august 1942.

WWII-New Guinea-1942-1-45 My father was stationed here during WWII before the Philippine invasion. I still have a shell that he brought back.

IJA soldiers using Type 89 grenade dischargers, Malaya 1942.

A Brief History of the Royal Australian Air Force: World War Two – 1939 to 1945

World War II: The Pacific Islands

American reconnaissance patrol into the dense jungles of New Guinea, on December 18, 1942. Lt. Philip Winson had lost one of his boots while building a raft and he made a make-shift boot out of part of a ground sheet and straps from a pack....

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway (Rhodes) is a memorial to all veterans who served in WWII and especially to those who served in the Papua-New Guinea campaign from 1942 to 1943. The walk features a memorial centrepiece, interpretive stations & a rose garden.