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Green day funny band. Best thing is, a green day is when you sit around and do a certain type of drug (can't remember which type though)

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You don't know how much I needed to hear something like this...thank you...

Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatments.

Social Anxiety Things... I try to tell one of my best friends that she will soon hate me... that it will be my fault and that I won't blame her because they all leave, eventually.

Neville being adorable before he even got 'hot' . He was good looking way before when people started noticing him

The Road to Veganism: Part 2-My Vegan Journey

- Howard Lyman. [That's LyMan with an "M." They mistakenly made a typo in his last name.] Montana cattle rancher & long-time Vegan. Activist, author & all-around brilliant & funny man! Can't say enough great things about him.