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no joke either!...seriously what is this world coming to??

Modern Marriage [Comic]

so true . sad commentary on life today! But still funny!

Καλημέρα και καλή εβδομάδα!

Social Media's Impact on the Modern Proposal - Robert Catalano

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Ctrl S + Ctrl Z haha sad thing is i do this in my head accidentally. "gotta delete this trash.

No, cuz I'm batman!

If you're old enough to tweet, you're too old to trick or treat.

Kids Just Don't Know How to Trick-or-Treat These Days [COMIC]

Remember the good ol' Halloween days when the houses with bad candy just got egged? Not anymore — in the century, if you're giving out toothpaste, prepare to be the butt of.

Hahahaha. (: made me bust out laughing.

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Haha Apple doesn’t support Flash

Do you think companies pay attention to social influence?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Oh elixir, where art thou? LOL! ©Sara Zimmerman  #BusinessHumor

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College Life as a college student home for winter break - Funny meme college life.. student life.. online education.. online degree..

Funny pictures about Ways to become a zombie. Oh, and cool pics about Ways to become a zombie. Also, Ways to become a zombie photos.

Hindi Jokes Photos Image Non Veg Funny for Facebook Wallpapers ...

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"The world will move to CLOUD, data will move to MAIN MEMORY and people will move to MOBILE." (Jim Hagemann Snabe, SAP CEO)

More Cloud Humor =)

Haha exactly!

Why can't real life conversation have a maximum of 140 characters?

Before Instagram

Attention seeking like its the century. Really want to show my students this the next time we do a still life unit

"Look Bats, Superman and I both have super strength - we can easily carry you up to -" "I will not be carried!" "But Batman -" "Nooooooooo!"

damnit batman get your shit together

Ever wondered what superheroes think of Social Media? Illustrator and comic artist Scott Hampson, wondered the same thing. He has drawn a very funny cartoon of Batman and Robin using FourWhere (…