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Imagine that thoughts are like a pair of sunglasses you forgot you were wearing. They color your view of the world, and you are unaware it is being colored. The trouble with this is that thoughts are then free to present you with a world structured through thought—a world seen through particular color-thoughts which impact and color your feelings.

Language and cognition sit on top of vast amounts of experiential, social, evolutionary, and spiritual knowledge. It claims it all, merely because symbols can refer to such knowledge (to a degree) and guide it (to a degree). It is such a powerful illusion -- this thin veneer of symbolic thought claiming unto itself substance and power it simply does not have. Our mind's claims are the metaphorical equivalent of paint claiming to be the house it covers. Steven C. Hayes

The Unwanted Guest: A simple animated video metaphor that illustrates one way to cope with difficult or unwanted experiences. See video: Animation by Joe Oliver

Animated ACT metaphor for identifying and coping with difficult experiences. Animation Joe Oliver See video:

Those in the acceptance and commitment therapy community use simple "cognitive defusion" methods to empower contemplative practice. These methods help people witness the key trick of mind that so readily creates human suffering. "Leaves on a Steam" - Cognitive Defusion Exercise

When in the cage, you may not even be aware of who/what has caged you. If the scenery is lovely, you may even not resist being caged. And...if you were born in the cage, you might even believe that is the way life should be lived.