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I think far too many believe I'm entirely apathetic.. that I just don't give a shit; those are the people who have no fucking clue who I am. For my family to think the worst of me (& for one of them, who's business it was not (until the gossip mill began to turn, which never takes long in that family) - to blast me on my old FB wall) was enough to drive me away.. quite possibly forever. I've no room in my life for that. I don't need that kind of horseshit stressing me out & worsening my symptoms. I am extremely sensitive & always have been, which is precisely why I no longer spend my time with fake, hateful, shady ass etch-a-SKETCHES. I can only take so much before I run away (literally or mentally) & distance myself from the source of pain & anxiety.

You are often your own worst enemy instead of your own best friend. ('Me V me has always been my biggest fight')

Only Angels Have Wings (1939) Cary Grant and Rita Hayworth in a supporting role

Depression Grief Sadness Suicidal overwhelmed alone hopeless anxiety insomnia heartbroken broken heart suicide

Looking into someone's eyes means that I trust them. Let's just say I don't trust a lot of people...

Andthatswhoiam | mannakörmök.: andthatswhoiam... IV.