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I live in the country, but was raised in the city and the country. My soul is all country and I rather live in the country over the city any day.

My dream, a horse, a four-wheeler the only thing that could make it better is a truck and a family

My dream, a horse, a four-wheeler the only thing that could make it better is a truck and a family

If I wanted it clean, I would have bought a golf cart!

Ya just recently my brother was bitchin cause I got caught out in the rain with his four wheeler an got a little mud on it 😂

First cutting of hay. Oh my goodness! The best smell ever! Especially when it's mixed with horses!

I love the smell of fresh cut hay. I'm laying here watch my dad cut hay from my…

I live in the country and I love it. <3


Teach your children to be happy. :)

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Don't mind the cursing!!!

excuse the language but this is so true. Everyone thinks that rednecks and country people are like the first thing and they aren't, they have morals and respect and dignity so stop pickin on em and get to know em before you judge them


I still live in the sticks where you wouldn't go. In a town of 1200 off an old dirt road And a country boy is all I'll ever be. Love this song!

Hell yeah!!!

You say Lady Gaga I say Lady antebellum you say jason derulo i say jason aldean you say t-pain i say t-swift you say kesha i say keith you say pitbull i say paisley you say justin bieber i say justin moore COUNTRY MUSIC FOREVER

Diamonds are nice, but I'd rather have steel, lead, and brass. ;) - Girls who hunt and fish are a rare gift from God and deserve bigger diamonds.

Girls who like huntin', fishin' and guns aren't weird. They're a rare gift from god. Them girls deserve bigger diamonds.

SO TRUE!!  I aint no girly girl that loves diamonds, im a red neck who loves her gun!

Whoever Said Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Has Clearly Never Owned A Dog Or A Gun. I'll take my dog over any material item any day.

Girls fall for pickup trucks #fact

Earl Dibbles Jr: Girls don't fall for pickup lines, they fall for pickup trucks. Yep pretty much :)