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Teaching Kids About Their ASSERTIVE SUPER POWERS

Use your words! Lessons in "communicating needs, wants and feelings in a positive and assertive way." 1) Active listening 2) Protecting physical rights 3) Protecting emotional rights... "

teaching children to pray: the five finger prayer

A simple method for teaching children to pray for themselves and others. You can even use this method with toddlers.

A guide on how to show kiddos how to pray...I am pretty sure I remember making this as a kid!:)

When our children misbehave it can be very frustrating. Step away and take some deep relaxing breathes. Once you are calm then you can approach your child and discuss their conflict. Ask them about how they are feeling and what caused the problem. Most important is that you listen to them, don’t judge and respect their feelings. #parenting #quotes

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids to be Good Winners and Losers

Do your kids have a difficult time accepting defeat after a game? Teach your kids the truth NOW about winning and losing. It's all a part of real life!