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Parking Day recreates car parking spaces in San Francisco

Parking Day recreates car parking spaces in San Francisco

Parking Day ideas!

Parking day with pop-up cardboard street furniture

Grote vlinder!!!!!!

This drawing of a Monarch Butterfly in Mexico City incorporates the yearly migration of butterflies that travel through Mexico.

Fear Makes the Wolf Look Bigger (Leake Street Tunnel, London, 2008)

yourbadgrrl: Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Fear makes the wolf look bigger.

Street Art by Tristan Eaton

AudreyHepburn by street artist Tristan Eaton and L.A (Little Italy Street Art) Project at Mulberry Street, Manhattan/New York

Little gurl

Whimsical picture of a little girl blowing bubbles. its an activity everyone knows yet the bubbles being in the shape of hearts add a unique change.

2h The Finest of Techno, Deep and Tech House from Tronic, Toolroom Records, Stereo Productions, Great Stuff Recordings, Drumcode, Bedrock Records, Gastspiel Records, BeatFreak Recordings, Shinshy Records in The Art and Pure Perfection

Street Art by txemy in Barcelona, Spain i don't normally like skull art but this is beautiful

Yoga Center in Asheville, NC

"La Casa Pintada" The Painted House by Anarkía, Flaxtl , Belin. In Linares, Spain .I get the feeling that the occupants of this house view the world with color and speak colorfully!

street art by STMTS, Athens, Greece via STREET ART UTOPIA         :P There... take that!

I love life! I love his face, like "i love life, so take that losers!" by STMTS in Athens, Greece

Bansky's street art in general is inspiring to me. Such simple images with powerful messages! This one I had never saw before until now. It is very funny to me because I was just learning about the cave paintings of the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods.

asylum-art: ““ Banksy, the street artist ” Banksy is a England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. His satirical form of street art and subversive epigrams combine.

3D Street Art. Golden Wooden Lego Warriors, Soldiers

Amazing Street Art photos

Lego Street Art inspired by Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang. Amazing street painting created by Leon Keer, Ruben Poncia, Remko van Schaik, and Peter Westerink during the Sarasota chalk festival in Florida.