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The Navy requested a version of the CH-53E for the airborne mine countermeasures role, designated "MH-53E Sea Dragon". It has enlarged sponsons to provide substantially greater fuel storage and endurance. It also retained the in-flight refueling probe, and could be fitted with up to seven 300 US gallon (1,136 liter) ferry tanks internally. The MH-53E digital flight-control system includes features specifically designed to help tow minesweeping gear.The prototype MH-53E made its first flight…

The first Royal Navy Wildcat Attack Helicopter undertakes its maiden flight at AgustaWestland in Yeovil, Somerset. The Wildcat has a more powerful engine allowing it to be flown in extreme conditions all year round. It is also equipped with a more robust fuselage, a high tech interactive display and a new radar system that provides 360 degree surveillance.

A-10, love, love this little tank killer! It's amazing how quiet they can be. Was at Langley waiting for hubby by the flightline when a couple popped over the hangar behind me and "practice" strafed the jets parked on the apron. I don't know who they had cleared it with, but it was definitely a surprise to the flightline personnel :).