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How To: Word-Finding Strategies for Aphasia  Download this list of the Top 10 strategies and apps you can use to practice them. #speechtherapy #stroke #aphasia

Word-Finding Strategies for Aphasia - A How-To Guide & Top 10 List

Free Workbook for Aphasia at Ozark Speech Pathologist

Some of you may have already found this excellent resource, as it’s been floating around online since If that’s the case, kuddos! But it’s suc…

Understanding Aphasia in Stroke Survivors

Understanding Aphasia in Stroke Survivors.man oh man -- how serious it almost was. I am so thankful! (I have had mild anomic aphasia, but it has almost completely cleared -- its been 5 weeks now.

Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC: TOP TEN LIST: Word Retrieval Strategies

This is a very handy list to use in an acute or rehabilitation setting. It helps provide memory strategies to build attention, word finding, & retrieval.

Memory Strategies article by Barbara Webster. "Memory is one of the biggest challenges facing many survivors after a tbi. Memory impairments can be unsettling, frustrating and stressful. Trying to recall and perform routine functions can become formidable tasks. Changes in memory can affect everything from remembering to turn off the stove to paying your bills to keeping appointmnts. These challenges can be the difference in being able to live independtly, succeed in school or do your job".

Using compensatory strategies when memory is impaired after a traumatic brain injury helps survivors and families with daily routines at home.

195 Memory and Attention Tasks for Speech Therapy Practice: These memory and attention tasks help build connections in your clients brains and can strengthen memory and attention skills. Pinned by SOS Inc.