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Hey guys! A closer look at my Mandala dream catcher, you can also have a look at my mini video I posted a few days ago! ☺️ I'm attempting to try and get the full tutorial up on my YouTube channel, but I'm fairly new to editing so I'm still getting my head around it 😬😎 Hope you guys are having a wonderful week💕 #dreamcatcher#mandala#sharpies#chameleons#watercolour

RECIPE BELOW❤Long time no dahl-post😍this is probably my all time favourite savoury's the perfect thing to cook for non-vegans when introducing them to this lifestyle as it's soo full of flavour, this time I added peas and corn and it was so good🌽🌶👅hope you've all had a good start to the week💜only 6 more sleeps🎅🏼! #dahl #vegandinners #jasminerice EDIT: For anyone who is interested, I got inspiration from @madeleineoliviaa recipe on her YouTube video, so credit goes to…

Guess who finally made a YouTube channel😊💅🏼🙌🏼 #lateAF 👉🏼Link is in my bio!🎉 Thank you guys for all the support, especially the ride or die followers that have been here since my shitty iPhone edited videos😂 (fun fact: I was still filming on my iPhone up until just a month ago! Good lighting and motivation goes a long way). So excited to start this new journey☺️ hope you guys enjoy💕

fifth video in my series showcasing edited clips of amazing low elo plays [sarcasm] enjoy! #games #LeagueOfLegends #esports #lol #riot #Worlds #gaming

I like to re-edit and dub over TV and Movies. My latest is on A New Hope #timBeta

WEBSTA @ waystostudy - Hey! After today I have just 1 day left to study for my first exam this semester. I am sorry for being a bit MIA these past few days. I also didn't have enough time to edit and upload a video on my YouTube last Sunday but I hope to upload one this week!Twitter: @waystostudy