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Old man

Art Prize along the Grand River in Grand Rapids Michigan. A Matter of Time is one of the top ten by the artist, Paul Baliker ("Grand Rapids Art Prize" by Barbara Dee is a beautiful collection of pictures of many of the entries.

Sacred Shaman Woman Tree

“A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.

build me a house near a waterfall and you will be my favourite person. ever.

House under the waterfall, Switzerland. Visit our Page -► Beautiful Amazing World ◄- For more photos

Wow what a waterfall, I could look at this all day.

The amazing power and beauty of a waterfall. A waterfall is an area of a river or stream where the water flows over a steep vertical drop, often landing in a plunge pool below.

Aiuta a trovare grandi soluzioni... "La solitudine è l'ingrediente fondamentale della creatività"

Whilst I’m very open minded and welcome feedback, I’m not that inclined to take "constructive" criticism from someone who hasn’t constructed anything. Last week, I went through the contact list on my phone and deleted the .

When your retouch area aka roots have grown out far beyond 6 weeks and its been more like 6 months; take this opportunity to visit your stylist for ombre color options.  Sure we might be on the tail end of this style but a subtle natural looking ombre can be classic in my opinion. And since you've done half the work by letting your color grow out, you might have half the bill!

When your retouch area aka roots have grown out far beyond 6 weeks and its been…

Treewoman - this is amazing! i often see images within trees, but never this extensive. Will make me open my eyes even more now!

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