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But Thorin set out from Bag End with not only this axe, but also his dwarven sword “Deathless”, which he used before the coming of the dragon Smaug (TA 2770), and through the battle of Azanulbizar (TA 2799), during which he used it to dis-arm (literally) the Pale Orc Azog.

Dwarven weapons of the Durins - Thorin Oakensheild's battle axe.

fantasy axe | Decorative Medieval Battle Axe

Decorative Medieval Battle Axe

Decorative medieval battle axe with horse design and wooden handle

Image detail for -10th century Viking or Norman ceremonial battle axe

The battle axe we are selling is possibly copied from a "royal" viking axe. It is a ceremonial axe with raised relief decoration of a

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The axe features an easy-to-hold, suedette-wrapped grip and one heroically large blade,held onto the axe by decorative hinge plates. The axe is inches.

battle axe

Fine Steel Battle Axe

The Fine Steel Battle Axe is a two-handed weapon in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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Multiple blades in multiple directions to increase the affective area of the weapon, and means you don't need to be that accurate.

「グラブル 斧」の画像検索結果

Sometimes the best decorations you can give a weapon are the ones that make it more intimidating. Already a terrifying weapon capable of cleaving limbs, the Predator Battle Axe is frightening thanks to elements of its design.